Chuck Thomas
Singer / Songwriter
Nashville Tennessee
Della Camera Music Publishing

For Chuck, the process of exploring adventure and drawing outside the lines was installed at a young age. Born to parents, William and Ethel Thomas in Mount Holly new Jersey, Chuck would become their only child. At age 4 the family moved to Telford, Pennsylvania where Chuck spent his childhood days enjoying the family's 14 acre horse farm. Attending Pennridge High School in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. Chuck excelled in baseball, football and track and field and at age 12 was honored as a top 25 Pop Warner Football players in the country. Many of Chuck's aunts and uncles were involved in playing music at local bars and talent events, but at that time Chuck had his sights set on becoming a professional athlete. Standing only at 5' 6" and weighing approximately 145lbs his critics were harsh, "you are too small to compete" and after mom and dad supporting all his dreams and aspirations, Chuck's willingness to succeed and prove people wrong fired his soul to be the best. This is where the story begins to change. After many injuries and recovering from sport surgeries, Chuck joined the United States Marine Corp and was granted a medical discharge after suffering an eye injury and spent several  months in a Naval Hospital in Baeuford South Carolina. Chuck then took his athletic mindset to the football field in college for a short and disappointing period. All along Chuck had begun writing quality songs and displaying his work ethic and williness to succeed. Chuck moved to Manayunk Philadelphia and spent 13 years working in the health club and strength and training industry and continued crafting his love of music. August 15th 2006, Chuck moved into his home in Nashville and never felt more like home. Now the challenge begins again, writing great songs, meeting the people who will listen and of course getting songs cut and played on the radio for the world to hear. Join me on my journey and watch the kid who was told he couldn't succeed by others become one of Nashville's top song writers. I want to thank you all for your friendship, your love and most of all your support.

Chuck Thomas